Let the Church Declare and Display Christ Together

The Fourth Lausanne Congress
22-28 September 2024 | Incheon, South Korea

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The Fourth Lausanne Congress

As we journey towards 2050, the need for a comprehensive, coordinated, and collaborative global mission has never been more pressing. In a landmark event that unites over 10,000 men and women from diverse backgrounds to consider gaps and opportunities in global mission, the global church converges in Incheon, South Korea for the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.

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God is at Work

Witness the diverse expressions of God's work through the global church, showcasing the many ways in which his transformative power is seen across the world.


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In this special episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Leighton Ford, former CEO of the Lausanne Movement, to commemorate and celebrate Lausanne’s 50th anniversary. On this day, the 16th of July 1974, more than 2300 evangelical leaders, from over 150 countries gathered together for…
How can we mobilise workplace Christians to transform their communities for the gospel? In this episode of the Lausanne Movement podcast, we hear from Chuck Proudfit, Founder and President of SKILLSOURCE about "At Work On Purpose,"  a citywide workplace ministry model that mobilises the Church at Work.  Chuck shares…

Latest episodes

In this episode of 'God on the Move', Jianbi (Jay) Chen shares about the significance of digital missions in Web3, including the concepts of blockchain, decentralization, and token-based economies. Jay discusses his personal journey from business to the creative field, his role at WEC International UK, and the founding…
In this episode of 'God on the Move', Yoel Ben David shares about living as a Jesus-following Jew in Jerusalem. Yoel discusses his complex cultural and spiritual journey from growing up in Europe and Israel to becoming an Anglican priest. He recounts his personal experience with Jesus, struggles with…

“The State of the Great Commission brings together the best global data and key strategic thinkers to understand where the greatest gaps and opportunities are for the Great Commission’s fulfillment.”

Matthew Niermann, Director — State of the Great Commission Report

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